In A Great Browmance with Mee Bing

Hear What She Has To Say:

How has BR made you more confident?

With Brow Resurrection, I can attend my CCA without worrying about my brow makeup melting off. I can even go bareface when meeting people!

Which part of the Brow Resurrection process did you like the most?
My specialist is really patient with me. We took a while to determine the brow design that suits my face shape as my right brow arch is naturally higher. She made it lower and evened it out.

What bad Browmance are you no longer afraid of?
After Brow Resurrection, I spend no time on cosmetics and can still look awake and put together! I’ve recently participated in the 2XU half marathon and my brows were still intact after intense sweating, I love it!!

Describe your newly minted brows in a simple sentence.
Post-Brow Resurrection, my brows look gorgeous and natural all the time.

What gave her a Great Browmance?
Brow Resurrection Soft by Wayne, Browhaus Wheelock.

Cheers to a hassle-free lifestyle with BR.


In A Great Browmance with Maxene

Her Bad Browmance:

My brows are my largest source of insecurity. I’ve always dreamed of having them embroidered by you guys, but I’ve never been able to afford it. Inspired by the ombre, realistic individual strands of brow resurrection, I use three different eyebrow pencils to draw in my brows every morning! This takes me over 15 minutes, doubling my morning makeup routine:’( More importantly, it never comes close to what you guys do, and is often uneven.

My bad brow-mance stories are close to endless, from running into people while looking like a naked mole-rat, to losing my brows after a quick workout. The worst of the lot would be this one time when I gave my date (we’d only been dating for 2 weeks) a hug. When I pulled away, I realized my right eyebrow had smudged all over his cheek! Horrified, I tried to rub it off, only for him to pull back and stare at me quizzically, demanding to know why I was scrubbing at his face. My face turned red and I was so incredibly embarrassed, not to mention that I was basically missing half a brow for the rest of the night!


Hear What She Has To Say:

How has BR helped you become more confident in your day-to-day movements?

Now with Brow Resurrection, I don’t have to worry about such brow horror stories anymore. My brows actually look perfectly natural, as if I was born with them. No more eyebrows smudging off my face – just neat, natural and perfect looking brows all day round.


Tell us which part of the Brow Resurrection process did you like the most.

My favourite part of the BR process was definitely the specialist’s expertise. Elaine was very experienced and made such precise and defined strokes. The whole process was painless!


Name us a scenario in which you are no longer caught in a bad Browmance!

When I spend long nights out with my friends, I never have to worry about my brows fading or smudging anymore.


Her New Browmance:

Brow Resurrection Ombre


No more insecurities, get eyebrows like hers now.

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