Brow Resurrection Full

For Shina, she’s busy documenting her life on the daily. Being #BrowhausReady means she’s selfie-ready, wherever and whenever.


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As a real-estate agent and model, Shaun’s always meeting new people for work. Being #BrowhausReady means he’s all set to make great first impressions.


Brow Resurrection Full

An avid paddler, Cris was looking to get her brow game strong as she sets out for competitions. Being #BrowhausReady means she’s ready to go for gold with confidence.


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As Alyssa finishes her studies, she wants to kick-start her career. Being #BrowhausReady means she’s prepared to take on daily challenges fearlessly.


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For a globetrotter like Clara, she wants to take on the world. Being #BrowhausReady means she has more time to set forth on new adventures ahead.


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Evangeline’s busy work schedule keeps her constantly on the go. Being #BrowhausReady means she’s ready to take charge at any time of the day.