Thin, pale, dark or uneven colouring – you name it and Browhaus’ Lip Define will make them lip-banes a thing of the past! Just by correcting the colour or size of your pout, Lip Define can shave years off your look in an instant.


We dare put our money where our mouths are when we say our customers come first! Only the world’s best tools are allowed near your lips to help define or correct their shape and colour! We never reuse our tools, so they come individually sealed and sterilized and are disposed off once the treatment is complete.


After treatment effect varies with every individual. It’s perfectly common to experience some slight swelling on the lips and tenderness post-treatment. In the first 3 days, the initial colour will be in a brighter shade than expected – but it will wear off to look like a natural bitten-lip stain.

Lip Smacker

Fabienne's lips are thin and pale, making her look dull. After Lip Define, she now has a sexier pout, shaving a few years off her look in an instant.


Loved Globally

From Singapore to New York, once you’ve had your lips defined you’ll be ready for your close-up.

The Browhaus Training School

The lip is the thinnest skin on our bodies, which explains its sensitivity. In the hands of the wrong people, incidents such as nasty infections, extreme discomfort and undesired results can arise.

Our Browhaus Specialists have at least 2 years of experience before they are able to perform Lip Define treatments. They also have to undergo an intensive training programme with a monthly review and an annual re-certification process.

Pain Factor

To ensure the most comfortable experience possible, our specialist will first apply a lip-numbing patch followed by a superb numbing cream. The overall feeling is similar to a faint scratching sensation on the surface of your skin.

How long is the treatment duration?

Full Lip Define takes 90 minutes to complete; the process consists of a consultation & the treatment.

Lip Define’s Lasting Power

With this treatment, you’ll want to keep your lips moisturized at all. Treat your lips to plenty TLC and be sure to religiously apply our specially formulated aftercare products. This way your Lip Define results can last up to 2 years. Results may vary depending on the individual’s skin conditions as well as the intensity of the colour chosen.