Interview with Charmaine Seah

  1. How do you do your daily look and how long do you usually take?
    My everyday look is pretty simple – tinted sunblock, a hint of blusher, nude eyeshadow, mascara and light liner. It takes me about 15mins to get that done but I always bring 2 different shades of lipstick with me, just in case I need to go out after work.
  1. With your Brow Resurrection/ Eye Define, do you feel like it has helped with your daily look?
    Definitely. I hate drawing my brows because I feel like I can never get them looking balanced and evened out. Now I don’t even need to worry about that anymore!
  1. Do you think that personal grooming is important in today’s world and how do you think it helps empower a woman’s confidence and self esteem?
    When I look good, I feel more confident and that’s important to me because I have to meet so many people throughout the course of my day. Being well groomed is also a form of good manners – it shows people that you respect them enough to want to look your best around them. Do you think that the use of BR and Eye Define has helped it? Yes because I can look my best with minimal fuss and that frees up my time to take care of more important things.
  1. Name the beauty tip for women with limited time in the mornings and evenings.
    Instead of using sunblock and a separate foundation/concealer, opt for a tinted sunscreen or BB cream with UV protection to remove one step from your routine and help save time. In the evening, if you have no time to apply masks regularly, choose a leave on mask like Allies of Skin which you can use under your makeup too.